In Studio with Briana Feigon pt 2

One of my favorite things about shooting with Briana was how much it was all so new to her. Having her sit for me was quite a pleasure because she hadn’t really ever done this before. So in true Zeph form, our mission became to just have fun. With this portion of the shoot though I wanted to focus on sense of youthfulness and innocence that Briana so elegantly brought to the scene. 

Thanks Ugg Australia and the Creative Council for making this all happen. You all are awesome.

In Studio with Briana Feigon

Recently I asked Briana to sit for me for some of my last Creative Council posts for Ugg Australia. I wanted to see how I could make one shoot come out with two different results. This is part one. In effect it is an attempt at making my subject look like a Mario Testino subject. While this is clearly not a Testino shoot, I wanted to highlight some aspects his work I find intriguing and that serve as constants in his shoots: glamour, sexiness, bold colors, and an attitude of over all fun.

This post is a collaboration with the Creative Council by Ugg Australia.

Three Things to Stand the Polar Vortex

It’s pretty simple really. The three things I want to keep me cozy for round two of the Polar Vortex are babes, boots and bed. Does that sound weird? 

Hah. Ok yeah kinda. But it’s true. It’s really frickin cold out there and that beautiful white blanket of snow is turning into a nasty mush. 

So when you have to leave that beautiful babe in your bed, may I suggest Ugg Australia's Butte Boot to keep your wheels toasty, roasty, and dry.

Who thought me rhyming was a good idea? haha

This is a collaboration with the Creative Council by Ugg Australia. You can snag those boots the blonde (who shall remain unnamed) is wearing here

Evan Tetreault and Austin Simons

Over the course of the Creative Council Project, one of my goals was to attempt to emulate some of the styles of some of my favorite fashion photographers. 

Recently Evan, (who you’ve met before) and his old friend Austin Simons came through for a more formal sitting ala Annie Leibovitz and the Vanity Fair effect. That means studio lighting, a dramatic background, and the subject exaggerating their character on set. There is a cinematic quality to it.

Evan (who you know as a photographer) is also a musician, and Austin a producer recently stopping in New York from Los Angeles. I think they executed their roles pretty well if you ask me.

This is a collaboration with the Creative Council by Ugg Australia where the homies are wearing Men’s Boots with a varying selection of suits and leathers including Schott, SuitSupply, Gant Rugger, and Men In Cities.

Good Morning New York with Dillon Burke!

Morning routines with Dillon Burke go something like this: yawn, roll out of bed, make tea, check weather, get dressed, leave. Simple. Efficient. No messing around. 

Except in between you can almost hear him thinking, yawn, “whoa, ok daylight.” Roll out of bed, look at self, “who the hell is that guy?! Rough.” Make tea, “mmmmm.” Check weather, “wow its warm! Amazing.” Get dressed, “lets do this.” Leave, “I better not forget anything or I’ll flip out.”

Dillon is one hellova guy, always willing to lend a hand and kick it while enjoying his passion for delicious food of the best quality. 

This post is a collaboration with Creative Council by Ugg Australia. Dillon wears some cozy ass quality Quoddy built men’s slippers.

James Wolfe and Ben Huffman Part 1

James and Ben. Brothers from different mothers. Silly dudes. One moment they love each other and can’t stop complimenting one another and the next they’re at each other’s throats and insults back and fourth like a baseball. It’s a little intense sometimes watching them duke it out verbally but in the end it always ends up with them hugging it out. 

Once again, back when it was still warm, the three of us went galavanting through Williamsburg and then naturally a fight broke out, as it does with boys.

This post is a collaboration with Creative Council by Ugg Australia

Sittings with Camilla Vivian Mayer

I asked my friend Camilla to come in the other day to a make shift studio set up I had constructed with sheet metal and several lights for sitting while I tested a lighting set up and well these are the results. I think going through it all color wise I was trying to reach a sense of saturation and plushness, call it my attempt at a Mario Testino look.

This post is a collaboration with the Creative Council by Ugg Australia. Camilla wears Ugg Shearling jackets that I would easily steal if they were my size. 

Elie Anderson

I met Elie while on that road trip with Evan and the boys not too long ago, but long enough ago that it was still quasi warm out, and she impressed me with her spunk. I love it when people do that. The right attitude at the right time. 

Elie goes to RISD and studies graphic design and radio broadcasting. 

As part of my Creative Council project, Elie was kind enough to sit for me while I tried to work out some of my favorite elements one of my favorite photographers Peter Lindbergh’s work always embodies: a grand sense of space, a natural but forgiving light at some sort of magic or tragic hour, and a beautiful girl having fun.  

This post is a collaboration with Creative Council by Ugg Australia. Elie wears boots and shearling coat by Ugg Australia. 

Stoffe, Fiffi, and Lotta

Many a fond memory because of these cool cats who run Gant and Gant Rugger. Miss you gang.

Evan Tetreault

Evan Tetreault. Tet-re-aulttlak. Um what? Yeah, I have trouble too. But then Evan will just say it real quick and totally drop off the last part of the name and it sounds so good. I’m still practicing how to pronounce it. 

Anyway, Evan is a photographer who’s strength in his images is matched only by his knowledge of cameras and film photography, a dying practice in today’s camera phone driven world. Evan and I have had many a conversation over Facebook chat about the merits of film over digital, what it takes to shoot medium format, the beauty of the image and the power of the photo-narrative. (A little ironic maybe haha). 

This is just a quick phone snap of the man who’s got one hell of an eye and a very cool style while on a road trip with two other cool cats I’ll tell you about later as part of my collaboration with the Creative Council and Ugg Australia. Evan is rocking Dries Van Noten, Baldwin denim and Ugg Stevensons

I nominated Evan for the Ugg Men of Character contest because of his passion for analog, film photography and basically his stern belief in the revival of shooting medium format. It is quite a powerful ability to be able to know one’s craft as well as Evan knows about photography. I hope I can catch up!

This is a collaboration with the Creative Council by Ugg Australia